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DealMachine Dialer: Leaving and Dropping a Voicemail
DealMachine Dialer: Leaving and Dropping a Voicemail
Updated over a week ago

Voicemail is still a vital way to leave messages when someone isn't available to answer the phone. There are two ways you can leave messages in DealMachine: leaving a voicemail and dropping a voicemail.

What's the difference? Leaving a voicemail is the traditional approach—calling, waiting for no answer, and then recording a message. Dropping a voicemail is a newer, more convenient method, using AI to leave the message directly for you.

DealMachine will automatically have an AI-generated voicemail ready for you to use, but if you want it to sound like you, make sure to set up your AI Voice Clone.

To instruct Alma about how you want your voicemail to sound or if you want to add a voicemail script for it to use, go to Alma (AI).

Click on Alma (AI)

Scroll down to Voicemail Script and give Alma instructions or a script to follow when dropping a voicemail or leaving one.

Click on Type your voicemail script here.

The example above shows an instruction that you can have Alma follow. However, you may also add a script like this:

"Hi! Joy here from DealMachine. I was calling to see if you would be interested in selling your property. Please give me a call. Looking forward to meeting you. Have a great day!"

Make sure to toggle on Use Callback Number in Voicemail Script. This way Alma will add your phone number in the voicemail script.

Click on toggle_on…

By default, the callback number is the Team Owner's phone number. If you need to update the callback number, visit How do Callbacks work?

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