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DealMachine Dialer: AI Voice Clone
DealMachine Dialer: AI Voice Clone

Set up your AI Voice Clone and easily drop voicemails using our AI tool- Alma.

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You dropped a voicemail but the recording does not sound like you. Don't worry, by providing us with your voice recordings, we will create a digital likeness of your voice, allowing you to effortlessly send voicemails to your contacts. Only you will have access to your likeness.

To set up your Voice Clone, go to Account & Settings by clicking your picture (your initials if you have not uploaded a picture yet) at the top right corner.

Click on JP

Click Application Settings.

Click on Application Settings…

Click Dialer Settings.

Click on Dialer Settings…

Click AI Voice Clone.

Click on AI Voice Clone

Toggle on Enable AI Voice Clone.

Once you toggle this on, you are allowing us to use your voice recordings to train your likeness. Don't worry, only you will have access to your likeness.

Click on toggle_on…

From here, you may either upload an MP3 recording of your voice or record one if you don't have an mp3 file.

To upload an MP3, click Upload MP3 and select a file from your computer.

Click on upload…

Otherwise, you may record your voice by clicking Start Recording. Once you see the option to "Stop Recording", it means that it has begun recording. Speak clearly and naturally.

Click on mic…

💡 We recommend reading a call script or speaking like you are talking to someone over the phone.

Once you are done, click Stop Recording.

Click on stop…

You may review your recording by clicking the play button beside the recording. Add as many recordings as you can.

Click on graphic_eq…

💡 Pro tip: Before adding more recordings, generate a sample script and listen to it. This will help you decide if you're satisfied with the sound or if additional recordings are needed.

To generate a sample of the AI Voice Clone, click Generate Sample.

Click on Generate Sample

Click the play button beside Generate New to listen to your sample AI voicemail.

Click on play_arrow

Click "Generate New" to create different scripts and hear how your voice sounds with each one.

If you are not happy with your AI Voice Clone and would like to start from scratch, scroll down to the bottom and click Restart Training. This will delete all of your recordings. This process is irreversible.

Click on Restart Training

Once you are happy with your AI Voice Clone, scroll up and click Confirm Changes.

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