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DealMachine Dialer: How do Callbacks work?
DealMachine Dialer: How do Callbacks work?
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You left someone a voicemail, now what?

For each call you make, you will be assigned a phone number to dial from based on the area code of the number you are calling. This phone number comes from the DealMachine pool of numbers. When you leave someone a voicemail and they call you back within 14 days, the call will ring on your computer (if you are logged in) and on your phone, since all calls and texts are forwarded to your phone.

Note: Even if you are not logged in on your DealMachine account, the system will still take notes of the call, update the lead status (if applicable), and log the call activity inside the lead card.

How can I set a callback number?

To set a callback number, go to Account & Settings by clicking your picture (your initials if you have not uploaded a picture yet) at the top right corner.

Click on JP

Click Application Settings.

Click on Application Settings…

Click Dialer Settings.

Click on Dialer Settings…

Click Callback.

Click on Callback

Type your preferred callback number in the Callback Number field.

Click on Callback Number

Finally, click Confirm Changes.

Will my phone ring when I receive a callback?

All calls will be forwarded to your callback number. DealMachine will then detect the call and you can open the app or your desktop to view the call and use the AI suggestions as you talk to the property owner.

DealMachine will still take notes of the call, update the call result (and update the lead status, if applicable), and log the call summary in the activity tab inside the property card even if you don't open the app during the call.

Can my team members have their own callback number?

Yes, team partners and admins who have access to the dialer can set up their own callback numbers by following the same instructions on their accounts.

If a contact sends me an SMS, where will I see the text message?

If you call a lead and they text you within 14 days, the system will recognize the phone number and log the text message in the Activity tab inside the lead card. Based on the content of the text message, the lead status will automatically update to the appropriate one.

The text message can also be viewed by navigating to Dialer > Incoming Activity.

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