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DealMachine Dialer: How to Make Calls
DealMachine Dialer: How to Make Calls

You can make one-off calls or call an entire list using the DealMachine Dialer.

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Whether you are making a single call or contacting an entire list, the DealMachine Dialer is designed and built to streamline the process of reaching out to property owners, making it more efficient for you.

There are a couple of places in DealMachine where you can make calls:

Calling All the Associated Contacts in a Lead

Go to Leads.

Click on Leads

Select the lead that you want to call.

Click on check_box

Click Call. This will put in the call queue all the associated contacts within the selected property address.

Calling an Entire List

Click Open Lists.

Click on menu_open…

Select a list that you want to call.

Click on Custom Area Properties in 47201, IN Jun 10th, 2024 12:17pm…

Click Call. This will put all the properties' associated contacts in a call queue.

Click on search…

Calling a Single Contact

Look for the property that you wish to contact and click View Lead.

Click on View Lead

Under Associated Contacts, click the call button to the right of the person's name.

Click on phone…

Click the call option to the right of the phone number that you want to call.

Calling Contacts Related to the Associated Contacts

In the Leads tab, look for the property address and click View Lead.

Click on View Lead

Click the Associated Contact to view all the other contacts related to them.

Click on Sally K Cowan…

Under Related Contacts, click the call option beside the name of the related contact.

Click on circle…

I want to filter out leads I have already called before making new calls, can I do that?

Yes. In the Leads tab, click All Filters. Under Dialer Information, select Last Called Date and select a date range or a specific date.

Can I pause in the middle of a call queue and return to it later?

Yes. To pause in the middle of a call queue, end your current call, close the dialer window, and click the call session button at the top of your screen to reopen the dialer session. Then, under Continue Session?, click "Continue" at the bottom.

Why am I getting an error message when I try to call my phone number to test the dialer?

If you are trying to call the same phone number as your callback number in your dialer settings, the system won't be able to connect the call. This is because the call will be forwarded to your callback number, resulting in an error message. We recommend changing your callback number to a different one before trying again.

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