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DealMachine Dialer: How can I make follow-up calls?
DealMachine Dialer: How can I make follow-up calls?
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Based on the call result, a contact is automatically placed in the follow-up queue.

To go to the follow-up queue, click Dialer at the top menu. The follow-up queue is on the right side of the screen.

As a default, the follow-up queue displays the contacts that your whole team had previously called. To view the contacts that you have reached out to before, click the Team Follow-Up Queue button and click My Follow-Up Queue.

Click on radio_button_unchecked…

To call a contact, click the call button to the right of their name.

Click on phone

You may also call everyone on the list by clicking Start Session. Doing that puts them all in a queue so you can go through the list all at once.

Click on Start Session

Who gets added to the follow-up queue?

Contacts will be added to the follow-up queue when the call result is as follows:

Not Interested

No Answer

Left Voicemail

Warm Lead

Hot Lead

When are my contacts placed in the follow-up queue?

Contacts are added to the follow-up queue right after the call. However, depending on how your follow-up settings are set up, contacts will either show as "Ready to Call" or "Scheduled for (date)".

To review your dialer settings, visit When are contacts added to my follow-up queue?

I don't have to call a contact anymore. Can I remove someone from the follow-up queue?

Yes. If you need to remove a contact from the follow-up queue, click the three dots to the right of their name.

Click on more_vert

Click Remove from Follow-up Queue.

Click on Remove from Follow-up Queue…

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