DealMachine is about to launch List Engine to help real estate investors find more deals.

With List Engine, you can pull thousands of leads instantly into your CRM for one low monthly fee, instead of paying per lead for lists that go out of date. Use quick lists to identify cash buyers or motivated sellers, and keep lists automatically in sync with sellers’ situations weekly. List Engine lives inside your existing DealMachine app to keep your business organized and simple.

Q: Can I draw a shape around an entire neighborhood and send mail to all the owners at once?

Yes, the DealMachine List Engine allows you to choose your geography as a first step. You can choose a zip code, city, or draw custom boundary lines with your native mobile app on the go, or at home on your desktop.

Q: What can I do with leads from DealMachine List Engine?

The old way required pulling leads into a CSV... and you still can generate a CSV with List Engine! Leads from List Engine also automatically stay organized in your CRM. Seamlessly keep those leads organized and up to date as sellers' situations change weekly. Keep marketing automatically to the best leads, start marketing to new leads that meet your original list criteria, and automatically stop marketing to leads that no longer are motivated. That means more happy and polite sellers will respond to your marketing. :)

Q: Is there a separate app for the List Engine?

No, every DealMachine Engine simplifies your real estate business by living inside the same existing DealMachine mobile app. There's a new tab called "Lists" where you'll find List Engine.

Q: What types of lists can I pull with List Engine?

DealMachine List Engine provides the following Quick Lists:

  • Every property within your selected market/geography
  • Vacant properties
  • Owners of multiple properties
  • Owners that are behind on taxes
  • Preforeclosures (Notice of default, Lis pendens)
  • Foreclosures (Notice of trustee sale, Notice of foreclosure sale, Notice of Sherriff sale, Notice of substitute trustee sale)
  • Post Foreclosures Coming Soon (Properties that started the foreclosure process and were never foreclosed on that are no longer in the foreclosure process)
  • Bank Owned (Properties that were foreclosed on and did not sell at an auction)
  • Cash Transactions Coming Soon (so you can see who's buying with cash in your area and what those properties are selling for)
  • Absentee owners

You can start with a quick list and add additional filters or create a new list from scratch by using DealMachine system filters, including date last sold, assessed value, and more!

Q: What is a Smart List?

A smart list keeps your list up to date automatically as new properties meet/no longer meet your criteria. You can automatically turn marketing on/off as properties enter/leave your smart list. Your default mail settings will be applied to new properties.

Q: What does DealMachine List Engine Cost?

  • Basic (Pick one type of list for the month) $29
  • Professional (Pick 2 types of lists for the month) $49
  • Enterprise (Create unlimited types of lists) $149

Pick one = One type of Quick List OR one configuration using custom filters.

Q: Is there a limit to how many leads I can pull?

You can pull unlimited leads into your CRM and market to all of those leads. There is an export limit of 5000 leads per day for leads that you generated from List Engine and you're actually pulling out of the DealMachine app into an external CSV file.

Q: How do I sign up for DealMachine List Engine?

If you're an existing DealMachine member, look for an update in your app and you'll see Lists (Beta) on your main menu. From there you can start a 7 day trial of List Engine.

If you're not an existing DealMachine member, simply create an account at by clicking sign up. Then click Lists to start a 7 day trial.

Q: Can I upload a list I already have into List Engine?

You can upload lists into your DealMachine CRM, which is free up to 50,000 properties. When you upload a spreadsheet, that upload will be tracked as a "List" that you can give a custom name to stay organized.

Thanks for checking out List Engine and look out for the new Lists (Beta) menu option within your DealMachine app!

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