DealMachine List Builder

Real estate investors want to pull leads using their phone and sync lists with their CRM, so we made DealMachine List Builder!

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DealMachine List Builder helps real estate investors find more deals in just a few clicks.

With List Builder, you can pull thousands of leads instantly into your CRM instead of paying per lead for lists that go out of date. Use quick filters to identify cash buyers, recently sold properties, free and clear properties, tax delinquents, and more! List Builder lives inside your existing DealMachine app to keep your business organized and simple.

Q: Can I draw a shape around an entire neighborhood and send mail to all the owners at once?

Yes, the DealMachine List Builder allows you to choose your geography as a first step. You can choose a zip code, city, county, or draw custom boundary lines with your native mobile app on the go, or at home on your desktop.

Q: Is there a separate app for the List Builder?

No, every DealMachine Plan simplifies your real estate business by living inside the same existing DealMachine mobile app. You'll find the List Builder in the Map tab.

Q: What types of lists can I pull with List Builder?

DealMachine List Builder provides the following Quick Filters (and 100+ more!):

  • MLS Active

  • MLS Pending

  • MLS Contingent

  • Recently Sold

  • Expired Listings

  • Adjustable Loans

  • Bank Owned

  • Cash Buyers

  • Free and Clear

  • High Equity

  • Low Equity

  • Tax Delinquent

  • Preforeclosures

  • Foreclosures

  • Pre Probates

  • Senior Owners

  • Tired Landlords

  • Out of State Owners

  • Absentee Owners

  • Corporate Owners

  • Vacant Homes

  • Vacant Lots

  • Zombie Properties

  • Off Market

You can start with quick filters and add additional filters or create a new list from scratch by using DealMachine system filters, including the date last sold, assessed value, and more!

Q: What is a Smart List?

A smart list keeps your list up to date automatically as new properties meet/no longer meet your criteria.

Q: How can I get access to DealMachine List Builder?

The List Builder is included in all 3 of DealMachine plans: Starter, Pro, and Teams.

Q: Is there a limit to how many leads I can pull?

Yes, there is a limit to how many leads you can pull per month depending on your DealMachine Plan.

Starter - Build unlimited lists with up to 10,000 leads/month

Pro - Build unlimited lists with up to 20,000/month
Teams - Build unlimited lists with up to 50,000/month

If you're not an existing DealMachine member, simply create an account at and select a DealMachine plan.

Q: Can I upload a list I already have into List Builder?

You can upload lists into your DealMachine CRM. Click here to learn more about how to import lists. When you upload a spreadsheet, that upload will be tracked as a "List" that you can give a custom name to stay organized.

Ready to build a list via List Builder? Check this out: How to build your own List of properties using DealMachine's List Builder

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