How to Save Filters
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To optimize your workflow and streamline lead management, consider a time-saving strategy: save frequently used filters. This enables efficient lead sorting for future reference, enhancing your overall productivity within the DealMachine app.

There are 2 places where you can save filters - in the Map and the Leads tab.


You built a list in the Map and would like to save the filters you've used because you plan to use the same set of filters again in the future. While you have the filters selected, click the three dots at the corner and click Save Search. In the future, view your saved filters by clicking the three dots and clicking Saved Searches.


Go to Leads.

Select and enable filters (can be a Quick filter or filters from All Filters).

Click Save Filter.

To use the saved filters in the future, click All Filters in the Leads view and click Saved Filters.

Then, select a filter to use and click Apply.

That's it! 😊

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