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I don't want my lists to be Smart Lists
I don't want my lists to be Smart Lists

Transform your Smart Lists into static lists so no properties will be automatically added or removed from the list.

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Maybe you are a fan of a more traditional approach when it comes to managing your real estate leads. No worries! We got you. If you prefer the old-school charm of a static list over a dynamic Smart List, here's how to transform your Smart Lists into static lists.

Step 1. Start by heading over to Leads.

Step 2. Click Open Lists.

Step 3. Select the specific list that you'd like to turn into a static list.

Step 4. At the top of your list, you'll see the option to "Select All". Click it to choose all the properties within that list.

Step 5. Click on "Lead Actions". Among the options, you'll find "Create List." Click on it and give your new list a name. I suggest putting the word "static" on its name.

Step 6. Once you've created your new static list, head back to "Open Lists." Your old list still exists, so we need to delete it. Don't worry, the leads will not be deleted.

Step 7. Find the old list and click on it.

Step 8. Click the three dots beside the name of the list and click View List.

Step 9. Make sure that it is the Smart List and click Delete List. Don't worry, the leads will not be deleted. It will only delete the list so that it stops updating every day as it is a Smart List.

Hope that helps! If you have other questions or need further assistance, please head over to the Help & Support option in your account.

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