Mail Tracking

Know when your mail pieces are scheduled to drop and when to expect that call.

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Never miss a call from potential sellers. Know when mail pieces are scheduled to be delivered with DealMachine's Mail Tracking feature.
Each postcard you send has a unique barcode that gets scanned by USPS as it travels through the mail stream. Our mail providers then uniquely process these USPS mail scans to provide a comprehensive set of mail tracking data just for you.

You can then check the status of your sent mail by going to your account and opening your leads. Here is a breakdown of each mail status you would see and what they mean:



Mail in transit

The postcard is being processed at the entry/origin facility.

Mail in local area

The postcard is being processed at the destination facility.

Mail delivered

The postcard was scanned for final delivery at the local post office and handed over to the local mailman.

Mail re-routed

The postcard is rerouted due to the recipient's change of address or address errors.

Mail returned to sender

The postcard is being returned to the sender. This is usually because the recipient has moved and has not left a forwarding address.

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