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How Do Postcards Look?
How Do Postcards Look?

Sample Postcards,

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DealMachine offers distinct postcard template designs that are fully customizable. They are available in different sizes: 4x6, 6x9, and 6x11, and are sent through First Class Mail Service.

Please take a look at the samples below:

DealMachine Green Stripe

​DealMachine Red CTA

DealMachine Inquiring Overlay

DealMachine Property Label

DealMachine Simple Slant

DealMachine Simple Border

DealMachine Flashy Border

DealMachine Wave

​DealMachine Text on Right

DealMachine Text Only

DealMachine Text on Bottom

DealMachine Dots

DealMachine Full


Real Estate Agent postcards have a text box where they can put in disclaimers or their License number.

Simple Slant

Inquiring Overlay

Text Only

If you want to create your own design from scratch, you may select Blank Page and design your own postcard. 😊

You can easily create and personalize your own postcard template inside the app. Click here for instructions on How to Add or Edit an Existing Mail Template.Β 

Happy Deal Finding!

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