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What is Skip Tracing?
Updated over a week ago

With the new DealMachine plans, you would no longer need to skip trace properties as we will provide you with the associated contacts' information including the person's basic information, phone numbers, and email addresses. But if you are still on an old DealMachine plan, continue reading. 😊

Skip tracing or simply skip trace is a service you could use to get additional contact information for owners of distressed properties you find.

DealMachine skip trace gives you extra data including owner phone numbers (including mobile phones), owner email addresses, and other addresses associated with the owner.

You may get 1 result in each category, or you may get 10!

The more ways you reach out to an owner the more likely you are to successfully get in touch.

When it comes to phone numbers, be sure to call each result. It is very likely at least 1 number will lead you to the owner, even if the first number does not.

The other addresses represent where the owner lives, and also other properties the owner owns. You can send mail to one of all of the additional addresses with the click of a button.

That's the power of skip trace!

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