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How do I run a skip trace?
Updated over a week ago

With the latest DealMachine plans, there is no need to skip trace properties anymore as we now give you access to Associated Contacts Information which includes the property owners' basic information, phone numbers, and email addresses. However, if you're currently on an older DealMachine plan, please keep reading. 😊

Skip trace gives you the property owner's phone number, email address, and other addresses where she lives or other properties that she owns.

Follow the steps below to skip trace a lead.

  1. Add a property. If it's already added, go to Leads, hover over the property, and click View Lead.

  2. Click "Skip Trace" inside the lead card.

After that, you'll see a message showing the results of your skip trace. Use all these methods to reach the owner for the best chance of getting in touch!

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