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DealMachine Dialer: Call Tracking
DealMachine Dialer: Call Tracking
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Elevate your DealMachine marketing strategy with unique call tracking numbers. By assigning specialized phone numbers to your mail designs, you can accurately track and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, ensuring you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

In this article, you will learn how to get call tracking numbers, use them on postcards, and track the response rate of your mail.

Getting Call Tracking Numbers

To get a call tracking number, go to Account and Settings by clicking your picture at the top right corner (your initials if you don't have a picture yet). Click Application Settings and click Call Tracking. You should then see this slideout:

Step 1: Assign a label for your call tracking number. You can put the name of your market or any name that will help you easily identify the numbers.

Step 2: Enter your desired area code for the call tracking number. This is helpful when you are marketing to different areas.

Why is it assigning a different area code than the one that I entered? If there are no available phone numbers for the area code that you entered, we will automatically get you the next closest option by the latitude and longitude.

Step 3: Enter your callback number. This will be where the calls will be forwarded.

You may set a default call tracking number by enabling the Default Tracking Number toggle.

What happens if you do this? When you make new postcards, the default call tracking number will always be automatically set as your phone number in your mail signature, unless you manually change it.

Step 4: Click Get Call Tracking Number.

How to Use Call Tracking Numbers

  1. Go to Mail.

Click on Mail

2. Click Postcards and click + New Postcard.

Click on Postcards…

3. Select a postcard size.

Click on New 4x6 Postcard…

4. Click Select Design under the postcard of your choice.

Click on Select Design

5. Click Back to view the part of the postcard where the signature phone number is. Depending on the postcard design, some may have the phone number on the front as well.

Click on Back

6. Click Signature to access the phone number.

Click on Signature

7. As a default, the system will automatically put your call tracking number as your phone number if you have this initially set up. If you don't want to use your call tracking number, you may turn this off.

Click on toggle_on…

8. As a default, it will use your designated default call tracking number. Should you wish to switch to a different call tracking number, click the phone number and select a new one.

Click on Call Tracking Number…

9. A dropdown list will be opened so you can select a different call tracking number.

Click on radio_button_unchecked…

10. If you want to edit or add a new call tracking number, click Manage Numbers.

Click on Manage Numbers…

11. Once you are satisfied with the postcard design and details, make sure to click Save Design.

Click on Save Design

Track your Mail Response Rate

The response rate is calculated by dividing the number of calls and/or texts received from call tracking numbers by the total number of mailed properties.

You may view this information by going to the Dashboard. The graph is located under Mail Sent.

From here, you can filter by team member, date range, and mail design to customize the data shown in the graph.

Watch to learn more:

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