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DealMachine Dialer: Set up Alma Settings
DealMachine Dialer: Set up Alma Settings

Help Alma, your AI assistant, in building your call scripts.

Updated over a week ago

Just like with any assistant, it's important to provide a set of instructions on how you prefer things to be done. Make sure you provide Alma with a set of instructions before you start calling contacts. This way, the call flow will be tailored to your preferences.

To set up Alma Settings, go to Account & Settings by clicking your picture (your initials if you have not uploaded a picture yet) at the top right corner.

Click on JP

Click Application Settings.

Click on Application Settings…

Click Dialer Settings.

Click on Dialer Settings…

Click Alma (AI).

Click on Alma (AI)

Under Dialer Goal, type in what you want Alma to accomplish during the call.

Click on Type your goal here.

Under Dialer Script, you may put in a script that Alma will follow while you are on a call or you may put notes instead about how you want the call to flow.

Click on Type your script here.

Under Voicemail Script, give Alma instructions to follow when you are leaving a voicemail.

Click on Type your voicemail script here.

Toggle on Use Callback Number in Voicemail Script.

Click on toggle_on…

To add a callback number, scroll up and click Callback.

Click on Callback

Type your preferred callback number in the Callback Number field.

Click on Callback Number

Once done, make sure to click Confirm Changes to save all of your settings.

Click on Confirm Changes

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