Create and Delete Property Tags
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Property Tags serve as effective reminders of the details you observed about the properties when you added them. As a default, all accounts have the following property tags:

  • Tall Grass

  • Stuffed Mailbox

  • Window A/C Unit(s)

  • Handicap Ramp

  • Snow But No Tire Tracks

  • Broken Windows

  • Boarded Up Windows

  • Falling-Off Gutters

  • In Bad Shape

  • Bad Roof/Tarp on Roof

  • Peeling Paint

  • Missing Siding

You may hide the ones that you don't usually use by following the steps below:

Click your picture at the top right corner. If you have not uploaded a picture yet, you should see your initials instead.

Click Application Settings.

Click Lead Tags.

Click Default Tags and click Hide for the property tags that you don't use.

Can I add new property tags?

In the Manage Lead Tags section, click "+ New Tag".

Name the property tag and click Create Tag.

You may also rearrange the property tags by clicking the 6 dots beside the Delete button and dragging it to reorder the list.

If you are no longer going to use the property tag, you may delete it by clicking the Delete button.

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