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Alma Prompt Ideas

Learn how to ask Alma questions that it can answer and answer well.

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Alma Prompt Ideas

We have worked hard to build in “quick prompts” which you can click within Alma’s chat interface to get accurate and useful answers to common real estate questions. In addition to quick prompts, Alma is also able to provide insights and analysis in response to any open-ended questions related to real estate.

Though Alma is capable of giving more general real estate strategy advice, it specializes in answering questions about the property you are viewing in DealMachine.

Feel free to ask it to give you information about the property or provide you with some suggested next steps. Some prompt ideas specific to one property are:

  1. What is the estimated value of this property?

  2. Can you provide me with information about the school district near the property?

  3. How much should I offer for this particular property?

  4. What is the estimated rental income for this property?

  5. Can you tell me about any liens or encumbrances on a property?

  6. Tell me about my financing options for this property.

  7. What are the estimated property taxes for this property?

  8. What are the property's zoning and land use regulations?

  9. How do I find cash buyers for this property?

  10. What strategy should I use to invest in this property?

You can also ask Alma more general questions to help you learn more about real estate investing such as:

  1. What are the different types of real estate investments?

  2. How do I analyze a potential real estate investment? Think step by step.

  3. How do I finance a real estate investment? Include the pros and cons of each strategy.

  4. List some strategies for maximizing the return on my real estate investment?

  5. How do I find good real estate deals?

  6. What are some common mistakes to avoid when investing in real estate?

  7. How do I best qualify renters?

Have prompts that work for you? Tell us about it! Share your success on social media and tag DealMachine in your post to let us know.

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