How do I use Alma?

Getting started with Alma, is easy. Learn how!

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To get started with Alma, your friendly real estate AI assistant within DealMachine, there are a few simple steps to follow.

  1. Activate Alma: To activate Alma, simply click to view any property. The first time you open a property, Alma will automatically greet you and offer assistance. You can close the chat by clicking the slide button at the top of the chat slideup. To open Alma again, click on the orb located in the bottom right corner of your screen.

  2. Ask a Question: Once you're in the chat window, you can ask Alma a question related to real estate or choose from one of DealMachine's pre-made prompts. Alma has been trained to understand real estate jargon and provide insights on the property you are currently viewing.

    Alma can provide insights, analysis and next steps on various aspects of real estate deals. For example, you can ask Alma to write a call script specific to the property you wish to acquire, help you calculate your offer, and provide insights on negotiating with sellers so you can land the deal.

  3. Build Context: With each question you ask, you're building context for Alma who can use your conversation history to better assist you. Don't be afraid to feed it additional or corrected property information alongside your prompt as Alma will answer questions more accurately when served more relevant information.

  4. Start over: Currently, Alma knows quite a bit about one property (the property you have open at the time). This means it is limited by what it knows at any given moment. To start a fresh chat, either view a new property or clear your chat history by clicking the three dots atop Alma's chat display.

Because Alma is powered by OpenAI's cutting-edge natural language processing technology, it can understand and analyze complex real estate-related questions and provide expert insights in real time. So don't be afraid ask creative prompts and help Alma help you!

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