Who is Alma?

Meet Alma - your friendly real estate AI assistant.

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As a real estate professional, you understand that the industry can be complex and constantly changing. That's why Alma is here to assist you with its expertise in real estate.

Alma is a friendly real estate AI assistant developed by DealMachine and powered by OpenAI. Though still in beta version 1.0, Alma is designed to be smart, direct, and most importantly, helpful in analyzing real estate deals.

Alma in action.

With Alma, you can quickly and easily decide whether a property fits your investing strategy, receive advice about how best to market to a property owner, and get insights on property valuation and rental prices. You can choose from our DealMachine created "quick prompts" or ask Alma anything - seriously, anything.

Please note that Alma is programmed to only answer questions related to real estate. Any questions outside of this domain will not be answered. However, if you have any real estate-related inquiries, Alma is ready to assist you with its knowledge and insights.

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