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Comps shows similar properties close by that have recently sold. Compare your lead to other deals in the area for an informed look at the potential value of the property.

This is helpful when making offers to sellers and showing the value that a property brings to your buyers.

To view comps, open a lead from the Leads menu.

Click Comps.

The Comps tool looks like this:

A. This option allows you to draw a shape on the map where you would like the system to pull comps from.

B. This option allows you to set filters for your comps.

C. Click this option to center the map.

D. Option to reload the map.

E. Sort the comps by Closest, Highest Sale Price, Lowest Sale Price, Latest Sale Date, and Earliest Sale Date.

F. Option to clear all the properties from the map. Select properties for comps again by clicking the properties listed on the right side.

G. View more information about the property by clicking this option.

By default, the website pulls info for comps from the county records, within 6 months from today, and within a 1-mile radius of the property. But you may change the default settings by clicking the Settings icon on the upper right corner of the filters page.

Hope this helps! 😊

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