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Custom Mail Tutorial
Custom Mail Tutorial

New Design Feature Walkthrough

Updated over a week ago

It’s here! DealMachine’s new Mail tab has finally been updated and this article is going to walk you through everything you need to know about creating a personalized direct mail piece from scratch.

There are plenty of new things to be aware of so we want to make sure you are prepared. Below you will find our explanation for each element within the design tab.

Alongside our new design feature we have new sizes available as well! We have kept our 4x6 standard postcards and ballpoint letters, but we have also added 6x9 and 6x11 sizes to give you more surface area to really catch the attention of your leads.

Design Tab:

Select the size you want for your postcards in the top right: 4x6, 6x9,6x11, and Handwritten

Within a given postcard size you will see all of your templates that you have created. (This includes any postcards that you may have created in the past)

Click this button to create a mail piece from scratch or to select an existing template to edit

Click "Select" to create a mail piece from scratch

Below "Mail Name" is where you can name the mail piece that you are creating. Make sure you name it for the type of mail piece you are creating so they are easier to assign to sequences.

Click here to select the signature that you want to use. All of your previously created signatures will still exist, and you can create any new ones here as well

This will allow you to save the design that you have created so that you can utilize it in your mail sequences or save your work if you need to come back to it later

This button allows you to go back to the templates screen, export your design, import a design that someone has sent you, or delete the design that you are currently working on

Shows you the front or back of your mail piece so you can design each side as you see fit

This allows you to see the grid lines over your design for lining up different layers (does not "snap to grid")

This is on by default and is the candy cane line you see on the border of the mail piece. Do not place any text within this area or it will not print when your mail piece gets sent out

These allow you to zoom in and out

This will resize your mail piece to the "actual size" on your screen

This allows you to create a new layer that you can edit and place to design the different elements of your mail

Allows you to name your layers for easy identification

Locks your layer in place and will not let you adjust it until you unlock it (pressing the button again)

Allows you to remove the selected layer

How you move layers up and down

Gives you access to the text box and image uploader

Selected by default when you click into the "Content" tab. Allows you to use the text box to type out your copy

Type your text in this section

Bold, Italicize, and underline your copy. Make sure you type in between the commands that appear when you click each command (ex. <b>your text here</b>)

Creates a new line when typing in the text box. The "Enter" key will not create new lines

Click here to utilize the text commands that pull from your lead information. Utilize this instead of typing out addresses and seller names into the text box if you plan to use that information

Switches the layer type to an image instead of a text box

Click on the drop down to select which type of image you want to use

Allows you to upload an image from your computer. Click the blue “Upload Image” button to select an image from your computer

Changes the way the image fills the layer box. Cover will fill the layer box, contain will format to fit the entire image within the layer box regardless of size

Gives you the different stylistic options for the layer you are within

"Typography" allows you to change the font, text alignment, text color, font size, and line height

"Background" will default to transparent so that anything behind the layer will still show. Click on the dropper to select a color from a color gradient or enter in your business color in either hex, RGB, or HSL code

"Border" creates a border around the layer box you have selected. Once you select a border style (solid or dashed) you can select the border color, width of the border, and corner rounding value

"Size" allows you to select the exact size of the layer box

"Padding" creates custom text alignment with specified padding from the top, left, bottom, and right sides of the layer box

"Position" allows you to enter in the exact x and y position you would like your layer to be within the mail piece

"Quick Positions" gives you a quick selection for popular positions for your layer within your design

We know that’s a lot of control so, if you haven’t already, watch our YouTube walkthrough HERE

Happy DealFinding!!

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