Why is this important?

Real estate investors need to stay compliant with TCPA laws and also need to avoid SMS spam filtering.

Who is this for?

This is for real estate investors using SMS lead generation (DealMachine's SMS Marketing product).

What will you learn?

We cover what elements to consider when crafting a saved reply in this article. Now we're going to provide you with 10 examples of conversation starters. We recommend rotating with a minimum of 3 conversation starters. The more you rotate conversation starters, the better spam filtering results your messages will likely achieve.

10 Conversation Starter Examples for Real Estate SMS Lead Generation

{{owner_firstname}} {{owner_lastname}}, {{address1}} could be sold without spending a single cent more on it to keep it up. Want to sell it? :) {{your_full_name}} from {{your_company_name}}.

{{address1}} caught my eye while I was driving around looking for properties in {{city}}. Are you {{owner_firstname}} {{owner_lastname}}? This is {{your_full_name}} from {{your_company_name}}

{{owner_firstname}} {{owner_lastname}} would you like to sell {{address1}}? I was driving around {{city}} and your house caught my eye.  {{your_full_name}} with {{your_company_name}}

{{owner_firstname}}? My name's {{your_full_name}}. Are you the person to talk to about {{address1}}? I'd love to speak with you about purchasing it. :) {{your_company_name}}

Are you the person to talk to about {{address1}} in {{city}}? My name is {{your_full_name}} from {{your_company_name}}. Any chance you might think about selling soon? :)

Is this {{owner_firstname}}? I'm {{your_full_name}} from {{your_company_name}}. Is this the right number to talk about {{address1}}. Thinking about selling? :)

Hi there {{owner_firstname}}, this is {{your_full_name}} from {{your_company_name}}. I hope you are having a great day! Are you interested in selling {{address1}}?

Hey {{owner_firstname}}, my name is {{your_full_name}} from {{your_company_name}}. 

Is this your address? {{address1}}. Would like to talk to you about your property. Kindly call or text me at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

Hi {{owner_firstname}}, I'm a local property owner and noticed a few things about {{address1}} that I wanted to talk to you about. Feel free to text or call me back. Thanks! {{your_full_name}} w/ {{your_company_name}}

I am interested in talking to you about {{address1}}. Is that your property, {{owner_firstname}}? {{your_company_name}} w/ {{your_full_name}}

Bonus saved replies for continuing the conversation

Seller says "Yes"

Glad to hear you'd consider selling your house. We can purchase your home quickly "as-is" so you don't have to invest a single cent more into the property! What would you be willing to accept for an opportunity like that?

Seller asks for an offer amount

I hear you'd like to know my offer amount, and that depends highly on the condition of the home. The next step would be to come see your property. How about today at 5pm?

Seller gives a price that's too high (soft pass)

Thanks for providing your desired sale price. Unfortunately, that wouldn't work with our numbers. Please let me know if anything changes. We can cash you out in 2 weeks and cover all closing costs.

Seller gives a price that could work

Thanks for mentioning a reasonable price. Upon initial review that could work and we'd need to verify the condition of the house as a next step. How come you're interested in selling?

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