SMS Marketing is DealMachine's software for text message lead generation. It is exclusively made for real estate investors and is inside DealMachine, the top-rated mobile app for real estate lead generation on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store with a 4.8 rating and over 2000 reviews.

We believe SMS is the fastest way to reach leads. Our powerful lead management and streamlined response features ensure your prospecting is effective.

SMS marketing helps real estate investors contact leads quickly via SMS, with complete compliance, and keeps those conversations accessible to everyone on the native mobile app that seamlessly works with CRM, driving for dollars, and lead list pulling tools in a single app.


SMS marketing has been vetted by top TCPA attorneys and is compliant with all laws. A streamlined process can achieve upwards of 500 messages per minute yet involve human intervention to send each message for complete compliance. We prevent sending messages outside of the TCPA allowable time windows based on the recipient’s time zone, maintain your do not call list, and also a global do not call list. Known TCPA litigators are also filtered out, saving you the hassle of dealing with trolls.


DealMachine also ensures ultimate SMS deliverability through features that avoid spam filtering, including 1) personalization and variation of initial messages, 2) rotation of conversation across a large group of numbers assigned exclusively to your account and 3) blocked word prevention warnings.


Real-Time Communication

Instant messaging and real-time conversations provide the fastest and most effective channel for prospecting.

Smart Workflows

Our streamlined process takes you from lead to deal fast. CRM integration, contact tracing, SMS templates with smart fields, reply management and more make contacting leads a breeze.


Complete SMS management directly on your team’s phones to provide anywhere, anytime engagement with leads.

Ultimate Compliance

Smart process, legal insight, and unique features make our compliance unparalleled.

Seamless Integration

SMS works seamlessly with other DealMachine products

Key Features

Fully Integrated Text Messaging

Driving for dollars, your CRM, or a new lead list, DealMachine streamlines the process of skip tracing to gather contact information and then managing text messages in bulk.

Top Mobile App

DealMachine is the highest rated mobile app for real estate investor lead generation on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, with 4.8 average on both stores with over 2000 combined reviews.

TCPA Compliant Human Intervention

Bulk message campaigns require a “click” between each message so that you stay within compliance of the law. We’ve built our software to make this as quick as possible. We won’t let your team “click” outside of the TCPA time zone guidelines.

Multi-Number rotation management

Set yourself up with 10-30+ numbers all within the same zip code, and we’ll rotate new conversations across the number group in order to prevent your numbers from being flagged as spam and this will keep your deliverability high.

Pre-loaded Saved Replies

Quickly begin messaging leads with our 10+ highly personalized conversation starters and even more saved replies. Conversation starters include your name and company name, which is required for compliance with the law.

Blocked word prevention

Prevent your messages from getting blocked by carrier spam filters. You’ll receive a warning before you send your messages if it contains any known phrases such as “This may be out of the blue” or “I apologize” which are known to get frequently blocked.

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