Don't lose out on a deal and be sure to find the best deals in your neighborhood by adding a DealFinder to your team.

DealFinders are limited access users. They don't see property information but they can add leads to your account through DealMachine's Driving For Dollars Plan.

So, how do you add a DealFinder?

Please follow these steps to add a DealFinder:

Step 1. Go to the Driving tab on your DealMachine Menu.

Step 2. Under the Driving tab, click the "Drivers" option.

Step 3. In the next field, enter your DealFinder's email address and click Invite DealFinder.

That's it! Your DealFinder should now receive an email invite from us to join your team. All he needs to do is follow the instructions to get setup. You also get an email confirmation that you could forward in case your DealFinder doesn't receive the email.

Here's a video where Elise explains how it's done. 😉

If you ever get an error while trying to add a DealFinder our customer support team will take care of you. Please reach out to them using the Help & Support option in your DealMachine account and they'll respond within 5 minutes.

Hope this helps and happy deal finding! 😉

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