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Driving Routes and Real-time Route Tracking
Driving Routes and Real-time Route Tracking

Never drive the same street twice with Real-time Driving Routes.

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Scale your driving-for-dollars team without ever worrying about them duplicating their efforts. It is crucial to ensure that their efforts are not wasted. Don't worry we got you covered! πŸ˜‰

The Real-time Driving Route feature collects all of your driving route data and overlays them all on the map. Here's what a typical map looks like with Real-time Driving Routes.

What do the colors mean?

They tell you how old the driving routes are.

  • Green if a route has been recorded within the last 0-6 months.

  • Yellow if a route has been recorded within the last 6-12 months

  • Red if a route has been recorded within the last 12-24 months

Real-time Driving Route is available on all of DealMachine plans - Starter, Pro, and Teams.

This allows you and your team to record each drive by tracking miles, hours, and the number of properties added per drive.

I have route tracking but can't see my previous routes.

Simply click map options and make sure the show routes option is turned on.


How do I view our list of driving routes?

Click Drives at the top right corner to view the list of driving routes that you and your team have saved.

From here, you may sort, export, or filter the driving routes by team member or date added.

To export driving routes, just click the three dots on the right and click Export Drives.

The map is not following me when I drive

Make sure to Enable Your Location Settings and tap the arrow at the top right corner of the map (on the search bar) to make the app follow your location.

Hope this helps and Happy Deal Finding! πŸ˜‰

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