Scale your driving for dollars team without ever worrying about them duplicating their efforts. It is crucial to ensure that their efforts are not wasted. Don't worry we got you covered! 😉

When you have Real-time driving routes, a green line follows you when you record your drive. Real-time driving routes also collects all of your driving routes data and overlays them all on the map. Here's how a typical map looks like with Real-time Driving Routes.

What do the colors mean? They tell you how old the driving routes are.

  • Green if a route has been recorded within the last 0-6 months.

  • Yellow if a route has been recorded within the last 6-12 months

  • Red if a route has been recorded within the last 12-24 months

How do I add Real-time Route Tracking?

Real-time driving routes gets unlocked in our Professional and Elite Driving For Dollars Plans. Don't worry, if you are on the Basic Driving For Dollars you still get a free route tracking feature.

This allows you and your team, to record each drive, track miles, hours, and number of properties added. When you are ready to move to the next plan, all these saved routes will be overlaid on the map.

I have route tracking but can't see my previous routes.

We are currently working on an issue that randomly turns off the option to show routes on the map. To turn it back on, simply click map options and make sure the show routes option is turned on.

Hope this helps and happy Deal Finding! 😉

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