DealMachine List Engine's monthly access fee starts at $29/month. That is for the Basic Plan.

The basic account gives you everything in the DealMachine CRM plus:

  • 1 "list type" per month (this means you get 1 type of Quick List OR set your own custom filters per month. Ex. If you choose to build a list of absentee-owned properties, you won't be able to build any other type of list until your next billing cycle)
  • 1 full-access team member
  • Unlock 55¢ Mailers
  • Unlock 14¢ Skip Tracing
  • Unlock $1.75 Ballpoint Letters
  • Unlock 28¢ Corporate Skip Tracing
  • Smart Lists (Smart list keeps your list up to date automatically as new properties meet/no longer meet your criteria. You can automatically turn marketing on/off as properties enter/leave your smart list. Your default mail settings will be applied to new properties)

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Here's a quick video about using DealMachine List Engine. Hope this helps! 😉

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