Checking your Marketing Credits balance has never been this easy!

You can check it from your DealMachine Menu, and when you go to Settings from inside your account.

Option 1: Check Marketing Creditsbalance from your DealMachine menu.

  1. Log in to your DealMachine account.

  2. Click on your name to see your Marketing Credits Balance

Option 1: Check Marketing Credits balance from your DealMachine Settings, under Billing.

  1. Log in to your DealMachine account.

  2. Go to More, Settings, and then choose Manage your account and view spend reports.

  3. You would see your Marketing Credits balance on the upper part of your screen

Note: If you are on an iPhone, you would need to log in on our website at to see your remaining Marketing Credits balance.

Hope this helps and happy deal finding! 😊

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