DealMachine CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool designed to help real estate investors get more deals, without upfront costs or techy customizations. Start a CRM account for FREE (not a trial) up to 50,000 contacts, combine with DealMachine Driving For Dollars for flawless integration, and upgrade as you grow.

Q: What does DealMachine CRM free version include?

  • Mobile App (mobile map requires a Driving For Dollars subscription)

  • Skip Trace $0.25 on free plan

  • Send Postcards with Repeat $0.99 on free plan

  • Ballpoint Letters $1.99 on free plan

  • Statuses

  • Notes

  • Lists

  • Bulk Upload Addresses

  • Desktop Map (mobile map requires DealMachine Driving For Dollars)

  • Unlimited Owner Lookup

  • 30 Team Members

  • 50,000 properties

  • Zapier Integration

  • Street Pic Add-On $20 per 1000 leads

  • Campaigns Add-On $20

  • Additional properties $50 per 50,000

Q: What can my 30 team members do for free inside DealMachine CRM?

  • Add properties on the desktop map (mobile map requires a DealMachine Driving For Dollars subscription)

  • Add properties one at a time on mobile by typing in the address.

  • View leads, organize lists, take bulk actions, manage leads

  • Update deal statuses

  • Add notes

  • Add a photo to each property

  • Send mailers

  • Skip trace and corporate skip trace

  • Chat with the support team

  • Bulk upload properties

Q: Where do I go to get access to DealMachine CRM?

Existing members will automatically have access to DealMachine CRM. It's in the same place as their existing DealMachine account and there's not a huge change for existing members (other than lower postcard cost and bulk uploader is now available on all accounts).

New members will have access to DealMachine CRM when they sign up through the normal existing sign-up process.

Q: What happens after I add 50,000 properties to DealMachine CRM?

CRM properties are how many active properties you have in the CRM. You can delete properties to stay under 50,000, or you can manage more properties for $50 per month to add capacity for each additional 50,000.

Q: Can I export my leads from DealMachine CRM?

Yes. There is a limit on exporting 5000 property owners per day. You can export all your other data without limits.

Q: What is the difference between the Driving For Dollars Plan and regular "DealMachine?"

DealMachine Driving For Dollars plan is what you're used to calling "DealMachine." They're the same thing. Since we launched DealMachine CRM, which is completely included in each plan, we're now calling all of the traditional driving for dollars tools you're used to the "Driving For Dollars."

Learn more about DealMachine Driving For Dollars.

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