Don’t buy a list that everyone else has. Our Street Engine streamlines D4D property discovery, driver recruitment, training, and management to help you find ideal distressed properties that no one else knows about.

Q: What is the difference between the Street Engine and regular "DealMachine?"

DealMachine Street Engine is what you're used to calling "DealMachine." They're the same thing. Since we launched DealMachine CRM, which is completely free up to 50,000 properties, we're now calling all of the traditional driving for dollars tools you're used to the "Street Engine."

Q: What is changing if I'm an existing DealMachine member?

You're getting 45% lower postcard pricing now and everyone gets access to the bulk uploader on all plans. Professional plan also now includes route tracking at no additional cost. There will be a limit to how many properties your team can add via the mobile map of 500, 1000, or 10,000 per month on the Basic, Professional, and Enterprise plans, respectively.

Q: Where did my Enterprise driver landing page go?

You can still recruit drivers with a landing page. The button was previously under "Team" and it has now moved under "Driving->Drivers"

Q: What’s the difference between DealMachine CRM and the Street Engine?

DealMachine CRM is totally free (not a trial) and includes:

  • Mobile App (mobile map requires a Street Engine subscription)
  • Skip Trace $0.25 on free plan
  • Corporate skip trace provides LLC owners and Trust owners. This costs 50 cents on free plan.
  • Send Postcards with Repeat $0.99 on free plan
  • Ballpoint Letters $1.99 on free plan
  • Statuses
  • Notes
  • Lists
  • Bulk Upload Addresses
  • Desktop Map (mobile map requires DealMachine Street Engine)
  • Owner Lookup
  • 30 Team Members
  • 50,000 properties
  • Zapier Integration
  • Street Pic Add-On $20 per 1000 leads
  • Campaigns Add-On $20
  • Additional properties $50 per 50,000

DealMachine Street Engine offers Basic, Professional, and Enterprise subscription options which include:

  • Quickly pin properties on the mobile map
  • Highlight properties that meet your criteria
  • Skip tracing costs 17 cents on Basic and Professional, 15 cents on Enterprise
  • Corporate skip tracing provides LLC owners and trust owners. This costs 34 cents on Basic and Professional plans and costs 30 cents on Enterprise.
  • Postcards are now 55 cents on Basic and Professional, 49 cents on Enterprise
  • Ballpoint letters are now $1.75 on Basic and Professional, $1.47 on Enterprise
  • Basic $49: 1 user, 1 DealFinder, 500 leads per month
  • Professional $99: 2 users, 2 DealFinders, 1000 leads per month, Route Tracking, Chrome Extension
  • Enterprise $2990 / year: 30 users, 300 DealFinders, 10,000 leads per month, driver recruitment funnel page and driver training.

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