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Virtual Driving for Dollars with Google Maps

Updated over a week ago

We have integrated virtual driving for dollars on the DealMachine website.
Please check this article to learn more, How to drive virtually on the DealMachine website.

If you want more instructions on how to use our existing Chrome extension, please continue reading.

Be sure to check this article that explains how you can virtually drive for dollars straight from the DealMachine website

You can pay someone $4 to $5 an hour on Upwork to click around in google street view and look for run-down houses.

We've created a chrome extension to input properties from Google maps directly into your DealMachine account.

First, download the "Virtual Driving for Dollars" Chrome Extension.

Log in to the Chrome Extension with your DealMachine Account:

Then head over to

Find the yellow man in the bottom right of the screen. Click and drop him anywhere on the map.

Now that you're in google street view, find a run down house. When you find one, then click the "pin" in the top left.

VERIFY the right house is selected.

Open the Chrome extension. Click "Add to list."

You'll see the most recent properties. These properties will also be added to your DealMachine account.

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