DealCredits are the currency used to Send Postcards and run Enhanced Searches in DealMachine. Whether you are here just to learn more about our services or because you are seeing charges every so often, we are here to help. 😊 

 It is important to note that it costs 1 DealCredit to send 1 Postcard and 1 DealCredit for every Enhanced Search. A DealCredit costs:

  • Basic Plan - $.99
  • Professional Plan - $.69
  • Enterprise Plan - $.49

While DealCredits cost $0.99 (Basic), $.69 (Professional), $0.80 (Enterprise), you won't see those individual charges in your account. DealCredits are added in bulk and by default your 10 DealCredits are added each time you need more. So when do you get charged?

DealMachine would only add DealCredits if your balance falls to 0 and you still have Postcards to Send and Enhanced Searches to run. So if you have 0 DealCredits left and you have 3 Postcards to send, we will add 10 DealCredits to your account ($9.90 for Basic, $6.90 for Professional and $4.90 for Enterprise). If you have more than Postcards to send, say 13, we will add 20 DealCredits to your account ($19.80 Basic , 13.80 Professional, and $9.80 for Enterprise).

I hope this helps and happy Deal Finding! 😊

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