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What Do DealFinders See When They Sign Up?
What Do DealFinders See When They Sign Up?

How DealFinders Sign Up

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You sent out a link where interested people can sign up as your driver. What happens after they sign up? What are they going to see?

The Driver Recruitment page is only available in the Teams plan.

After a driver signs up through your driver recruitment link, they will immediately be taken to the Training page, if you enabled Training for your drivers.

The first page would look like the screenshot below. They can watch the video and click Next to move on to the next videos.

Once they have watched all of the videos, the website will congratulate them for completing the training.

Next, the website will ask them to verify their email address by entering the verification code that we sent to their email.

After their email address is verified, they will be taken to their account.

That's it!

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