Where can I see my leads?

How to toggle from map view to your Deal list

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When you open the DealMachine mobile app or website, as a default, it will show the map.

To go to your list of deals, simply click on the Leads tab in your DealMachine Menu.


A - where you can access your List Library

B - option to manually add leads or import leads

C - search for phone numbers, property owners, etc.

D - access to filters

E - option to select all leads in the account

F - toggle for image size

G - button to start mail after selecting leads

H - dropdown list for all bulk actions such as export leads, skip trace leads, create list, change status, add tags, permanently delete leads, end mail, and more.

I - option to move to next pages

J - option to edit the leads view table

K - option to view 25, 50, or 100 leads per page

Mobile app

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