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How do I change my Marketing Credits reload amount?
How do I change my Marketing Credits reload amount?

Why was I charged $50.00 multiple times?

Updated over a week ago

Marketing Credits are used to send mail!

They are also used for skip traces that give you additional property owner contact information i.e. phone numbers, email addresses, and other addresses attributed to the property owner.

To update your default Marketing Credits Reload amount follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your DealMachine account on the DealMachine website.

  2. Click the Account & Settings icon. That's the icon with your picture on the upper right corner of the page or your initials if you have not uploaded your picture.

  3. Click Billing.

  4. Click Manage Auto-Reload.

  5. Enter your ideal default Marketing Reload Amount and click Save Auto-Reload Amount.

Hope this helps! 😊

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