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How do I create a mail sequence?
How do I create a mail sequence?

Set up different postcard designs, messages, and timing for your outreach to property owners.

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You can customize your direct mail campaigns right inside DealMachine.

Step 1. Click Mail.

Step 2. Click Sequences.

Step 3. Click "New Mail Sequence".

Step 4. Give your sequence a name.

Step 5. Select the templates that you would like to use, how many of which you would like to send, and when you want the next postcard to go out, for each step of the mail sequence.

Note: You may click "Auto-repeat last step in mail sequence" if you want to repeat the last step. If you change your mind and decide to add another step instead, you may click the same button again to disable it.

Step 6 Click "Create".

You may set this mail sequence as your default mail sequence by following this guide.

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