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How can I bulk-edit properties submitted by my team?
How can I bulk-edit properties submitted by my team?
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Log in to the DealMachine mobile app or use your computer at

Inside your account, go to the leads tab.

Filter the leads by lead status and use "pending approval".

You may also use the "Added by" filter to see leads added by a specific team member. Just be sure to apply filters.

After doing this, you can then place a check mark on each property you want to bulk-edit or look for the select all X leads button to select all your filtered leads.

Here are the following bulk-actions available:

  • Start Mail

  • Change Status (Lead)

  • Add to List (works like tags but better)

  • Skip Trace

  • Pause Mail

  • Edit Mailing Options (set postcard and repeat mail settings)

  • Export Leads

  • Permanently Delete

Click on the bulk-action you want (ex. start mail). Read the reminder and click continue if you agree.

Hope this helps and happy Deal Finding!

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