Our enterprise solution is designed for teams with 2 or more people prospecting, working, and closing their own deals under one umbrella in DealMachine.

The best fits for Enterprise are a partner team of investors or brokerages with multiple full time employees using DealMachine. 

Enterprise overview:

  • Starts at $199/month* for up to 5 full team members ($25/user after 5)
  • $.80 for each post card send
  • $.80 for each enhanced search lookup
  • Unlimited DealFinders 
  • 12 month contract (discounts for prepayment)

As an individual investor, you’re better off using our Basic plan until you’re using a combined 300+ post card sends or enhanced searches per month. 

Would you like to talk to someone about Enterprise? If so, sign up for a call with Josh (https://dealmachineapp.com/call-josh)

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