The analytics page tells you how close you are to getting your next deal.

Across the United States, it takes adding 200 properties to get a deal. If you want to get a deal every month, add 200 properties per month (and send repeat mail at least 3 times).

Here's the breakdown of the analytics page (your dashboard for getting your next deal).

Mail & Searches:

  • Deals Added - Total number of properties you’ve ever added. 
  • Mail Sent - Total number of mail pieces you’ve ever sent.
  • Enhanced Searches - Total number of Enhanced Searches you’ve done. 


  • We give you 5 Credits when you first sign up for DealMachine. 
  • We also give you an additional credits each time a user signs up with your referral code under the “Get free leads” section in the menu. 
  • 1 Credit can be used for one post card send or one enhanced search. 

Current Deals:

  • Pending Approval - Deals you’ve added, but not yet approved to send mail too. 
  • Repeating Mail - Open deals that you have on an automated post card program. 
  • Open Deals - Total number of deals you’ve added minus any deals you’ve archived, closed, or deleted. 
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