We've made it easy to export your leads. Here's what you need to do:

Remember: After exporting your leads, you can download the file under Activity on your DealMachine Dashboard without having to wait for the email. Just be sure to refresh the page. 

  1. Open DealMachine.com and go to the Leads tab.

  2. Click Filter Leads.

  3. A new window will appear on the right side - select the filter you want to use.

  4. After that, click the checkmark right next to the property address then click where it says Select All "#" Deals.

  5. Click more and click Export Leads

  6. You should then get an email with a link to download your exported file for added security.

Your exported leads will be on a CSV file which you could open in both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Here's a video where Elise shows how it's done.

You need to be a team owner or have "export permissions" turned on by a team admin to view these options.

So if you don't see any export options there, you probably don't have access to it or you are on the app. Be sure that you are trying this on the website! 😉

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