In the old days, growing your team required your time to recruit and train new team members.

DealMachine makes that process is easier with DealFinder Sign Up Landing Pages and Done-For-You Training Videos.

Set up your landing page by launching your DealMachine mobile app or logging in with your computer at https:/

Click the menu button in the top left. (mobile only)

Click More and then choose team Team.

Click Recruit Drivers.

Customize your landing page URL, and be sure to set it Live.

Share your landing page anywhere you'd like people to sign up as a Driver on your team.

When a Driver joins, you'll receive an email and they will receive training instructions. You can always approve or reject Drivers on your team on the Team page in your app.

Tip: be sure you reach out to your Driver and set up payment terms with them.

Note: Recruiting Drivers with a landing page is available to our Elite Accounts only.

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