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How do I edit an owner's phone number?
How do I edit an owner's phone number?
Updated over a week ago

Currently, there is no option to edit phone numbers if you are on any of the latest DealMachine plans. But don't worry, we will add that option soon for you!
โ€‹If you are on an old DealMachine plan, keep reading. ๐Ÿ˜Š

You can store phone numbers to reach the owner in DealMachine.

You can edit those numbers if necessary!

Just open a lead and click the telephone icon beside the owner's name.

Scroll the list of phone numbers and click the number that you want to edit.

Click the phone number and edit it.

Finally, click "Save Phone Number".

If it does not let you edit the phone number, that means the phone number came from a skip trace. It is not possible to edit results from a skip trace. As an alternative to editing, you can always manually add new phone numbers to a lead.

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