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How do I edit an owner's email address?
How do I edit an owner's email address?
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DealMachine provides the contact information for every property added. This includes email addresses per associated person. To view the email addresses:

Go to Leads and open a lead.

Under Associated Contacts, click the email icon.

Scroll through the other associated contacts by clicking the next dot below the current contact you are viewing or by clicking the arrow button in the lower right corner.

Currently, it is not possible to edit an email address if you are on any of the latest DealMachine plans. But don't worry, we will add that option soon for you!

If you are on an old DealMachine plan, you may follow the instructions below to edit an email address.

If you are on an old DealMachine plan:

Just go to Leads.

Click View Lead.

Click the "@" icon beside the property owner's name.

Click on the email address that you'd like to edit. 

Edit the email. 

Click "Save Email Address".

If you do not see an option to edit, that means this email came from a skip trace. You cannot edit results from a skip trace. As an alternative, you can add a new email address to the lead.

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