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How do I edit the owner name or address?
How do I edit the owner name or address?

How do I change the owner name or address?

Updated over a week ago

The property owner's name will appear on outgoing mail and emails. You may want to update the owner's name formatting or change it altogether.

Go to Leads and open a lead.

Click the three vertical dots beside Start Mail.

Click "+ Add Mailing Address".

Type in the name that you want to put in the mail and the mailing address.

Make sure to toggle on "Send mail to this address".

Click Add Mailing Address.

Go back to the lead and uncheck the other mailing address.

Should you wish to send mail to 2 or more mailing addresses, make sure to select all of the addresses by putting a checkmark on them. If you have 2 or more selected mailing addresses, the mail preview on the right will show the original owner's name and the mailing address but the system will print the correct names and mailing addresses and send them to all the selected mailing addresses.

If you have an OLD DealMachine Plan:

Open the lead from the Leads menu.

Click the three dots beside the property owner's name.

Click Edit Owner Name.

Make the necessary changes and click Save Owner Name.

To edit the owner's mailing address, click Edit Owner's Address.

Make the necessary changes and click Save Owner Mailing Address.

If you added mailing addresses before or if you skip traced the lead and got additional mailing addresses, you may review the list of mailing addresses by clicking the Mail icon beside the owner's name.

If you have further questions, please reach out and our Support Team will be more than happy to help. 😊

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