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How do I approve a lead?
How do I approve a lead?
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Your team members have added properties to the account, what's next?

Approving a lead means starting mail for it so you can reach out to the property owner.

In the Leads tab, hover your mouse over a property address and the Start Mail button will appear. Clicking the Start Mail button will trigger your default mail sequence to start and the first mail will be processed and sent within an hour.

Should you wish to select a template/mail sequence for a specific lead, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Leads.

  2. Open a lead.

  3. Click Mail.

  4. As a default, your default mail sequence/template will be displayed here. If you wish to use a different mail sequence/template, click Change and select a template/mail sequence that you wish to use.

    5. After selecting a template/mail sequence, click Start Mail.

The Start Mail button will only appear if you select a template. If you select a mail sequence, it will automatically start it as soon as you click a mail sequence.

That's it! 😊

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