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How do I set my default sending frequency?
How do I set my default sending frequency?

Set up repeat mailing

Updated over a week ago

It's important to follow through with your leads and send more than 1 piece of mail. You can save time by setting up your default mail frequency.

  1. Click your profile picture (or initials, if you don't have a picture yet) at the top right corner of your desktop.

  2. Click Application Settings.

  3. Click Mail Settings. You may choose between using a template and setting it to repeat OR a mail sequence (allows you to send different templates instead of the same template on repeat).

  4. Click Mail Sequence, select a sequence, and save your changes.
    Otherwise, if you don't have a mail sequence yet (it's time to create one!😊), you may select Repeating Mail.

  5. Click your default mail design and select a template.

5. If you want, you may also set a template that the system will use in case your lead doesn't have a picture. If not, it will use the same template as the default.


6. Review the number of mail pieces to send and the frequency.

8. Save your changes.

That's it!

Note: Making these changes will only affect leads that don't have active mail going on.

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