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How do I set my default sending frequency?
How do I set my default sending frequency?

Set up repeat mailing

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It's important to follow through with your leads and send more than 1 piece of mail. You can save time by setting up your default mail frequency.

  1. Click your profile picture (or initials, if you don't have a picture yet) at the top right corner of your desktop.

  2. Click Mail Settings.

  3. Click Repeating Mail.

  4. Click your default mail design and select a template.

5. If you want, you may also set a template that the system will use in case your lead doesn't have a picture. If not, it will use the same template as the default.

6. Next, turn on Repeat Mail. (As a default, "Repeat Forever" will also be enabled so your leads will receive a postcard every 21 days, forever.)

7. If you don't prefer your mail to repeat forever, you may turn it off and input the number of mail pieces that you wish to send to every lead instead. You may also edit the number of days between your mail pieces.

8. Save your changes.

That's it!


Note: Making these changes will only affect leads that don't have active mail going on.

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