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How do I Send Mail Pieces for a lead?
How do I Send Mail Pieces for a lead?

How do I create and send a postcard?

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This article is for team owners and team members with access to sending mail. If you are a driver, you will not have access to sending mail.

Before starting mail sequences for any lead please go ahead and check these two articles:

Now that you're ready, simply open the lead and click "Start Mail".

Your mail will then say "mail pieces are in the mail queue", which means your mail will be printed within an hour.

The mail will arrive at the owner's mailing address within 7-10 days.

You can track the delivery status of the postcards by opening the lead and going to the Mail tab. Then, click the Current Step or the other steps of the mail sequence.

That's it!

Note: Mail tracking is not available for Ballpoint Letters.

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