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How do I add an image to a deal?
How do I add an image to a deal?

How to add a picture of a property to a postcard.

Updated over a week ago

Adding a picture to a deal has 2 main benefits:

  1. It helps you and your team quickly identify properties in the app.

  2. It prints on your mail so it catches the owner's attention (higher response rate)

You can add a picture when you first add a property, or after it has been added.

When you first add a property, tap the property dot on the map and tap Add Lead to add the property to your DealMachine account. Then, tap the camera icon beside the property information and tap Take A Photo. (mobile app only)

After a property is already added, open the lead from the Leads tab and click the Camera Icon at the top of the lead card, beside the property address. (mobile and desktop website).

If taking a picture isn't possible, DealMachine offers a Street Pic feature. It adds a curbside picture to all properties you've added without you having to do anything else. Street Pic is included in Pro and Team plans only.

Hope this helps.

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