Start by logging into your DealMachine mobile app or log in with your computer at

Click the red plus button in the bottom right corner. 

You'll see three options:

  1. Add an address (use this when you're not in front of the house and you don't have a picture of it)
  2. Use photo gallery (use this when you already took a picture of the house)
  3. Take a picture (Recommended - use this when you see a house in real life)

After you click any of those options, you will then need to confirm the property address.

The DealMachine mobile app provides a map so you can add properties without typing the address.

Just move the map with your finger. Do it exactly like this!

You'll need to move the map with your finger because if you're standing in the street, your phone's GPS knows you're in the street (which doesn't have an address).

Just move the map over to the house you took a picture of and click the checkmark in the bottom right to add the deal!

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