At DealMachine we have a motto: the more personal you can be, the better.

That's why we've added the ability to add your headshot to outgoing mail. (Alternatively, you can remove your headshot from mailings by scrolling down to Step 8 below.)

Here's how to add your headshot to postcards:

Step 1
: Log into your DealMachine Mobile App

Step 2 (mobile only): Click the menu button

Step 3: Click Settings

Step 4: Click Profile

Step 5: Click Update User Information

Step 6: Change Photo

Step 7: Click Save

Step 8: Make sure your signatures are set to show your headshot in your mailing:

Navigate to Templates.

Click Manage Signatures.

Click on your signature.

Make sure the signature is set to display your headshot in your mail.

Now when an owner sees your postcard, they'll be able to put your name with your face, and you can start building a relationship with them as soon as possible.

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