DealMachine makes it easy to send postcards from your phone, and you can customize what they say. Each postcard features a picture of the property on both sides, as well as a fully editable message, along with your return address and contact information.

Here's what DealMachine postcards look like:

Here's how to customize what your postcards say:

Step 1: Log into your DealMachine mobile app or website:

Step 2 (mobile only): Click the menu button in the top left.

Step 3: Click Campaigns.

Step 4: Click Manage Templates. Then Create New Template.

Step 5: Give your template a name like "Any Indy House"

Step 6: Click Save.

Tip: Set your Default Mail Template

This saves you time when you're adding a deal because you won't need to set the correct template each time you add a property. 

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Click Sending Options

Step 3: Click Set My Default Template

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